Dungeon of Doom
Networked multiplayer Java game that involved developing a bot with a self-devised path finding algorithm
  • 2014-05-01
  • Java
  • Client-server
  • Networking
  • Description

    Dungeon of Doom was the overall theme for Semester 2 Programming coursework. The aim was to create an advanced multiplayer game in java that allowed users to connect over a network and play together. The aim of the gold was to be the first player to pick up enough pieces of gold to escape the "dungeon". Players could attack each other, and pick up items to upgrade their player such as armour, weapons, and health. They could also increase their field of view by picking up a lantern.

    The game screen

    Along with the game, one of the tasks was to create a bot that could play as a player. In order to make my bot intelligent and efficient, I implemented a memory that would allow the bot to 'remember' the tile it had visited and allowed it to create its own map of the its surroundings. Once this was working, I devised a path-finding algorithm and combined with the memory feature of bot, it was much more powerful. A description of the algorithm can be found in the gallery.

    Overlay of a filter to create the 'foggy' effect
    Internal memory of the bot
    Pathfinding algorithm used by the bot