Personal Information Management System
  • 2014-01-04
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • AJAX
  • Encryption
  • Description

    Codify was a group project developed as part of the Software Engineering module in first year university. The objective of this project was to follow through an entire software engineering lifecycle (Requirements Specification, Design & Implementation, Validation & Verification and Evolution).

    My responsibilities involved being Design Lead, Technical Lead and Testing Lead. We followed an iterative model to account for changes in requirements, and performed a risk analysis at each iteration to ensure that a solid schedule was being followed. A 45 page report was compiled to document the entire process.

    The solution we developed is a web-based personal information management system (primarily for use on mobile devices) that allows users to sign up for the service and be presented with a personal calendar. They can add/edit/remove/view events, add/edit/remove/view contacts as well as configure settings to personalise their experience. We worked on security of the system to ensure that data was protected as well as put methods into place that protected against attacks (Cross Site Scripting, SQL Injection). The system utilised AJAX and Responsive Web Design principles to ensure a smooth overall experience, as well as compatibility with mobile devices.

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