Enables developers to collaborate on software projects and provide remote assistance.
  • 2013-12-01
  • .Net Framework
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Networking
  • Encryption
  • Description

    Developerate is a piece of software I developed for my Computing A-Level project. It is built using a client-server architecture and allows software developers to collaborate on a software project. They can download a client which connects to the server where all the project files are stored, and can modify/create/delete the files. Developers can also provide remote assitance by the use of a private/public chat room and a remote desktop feature.

    UI of the client application

    In addition to the software, I also created a web-based control panel where potential users can sign up for the service, log in, view all their projects, leave projects, download the client and delete their account.

    On the server side, a server administrator can manage projects, manage users (delete/ban accounts), send out notifications and more. All traffic between server and client is encrypted using RC4. The full software life-cycle was followed, from analysis and requirements gathering and design to implementationa and testing and evaluation. A through test-plan was devised to ensure that the system being built will end up being robust and reliable.

    UI of the server application
    Screenshot showing the encrypted traffic
    Viewing the codebase
    Login panel
    Online panel
    Website accessed on a tablet
    Viewing the screen of another developer