Insta-chop. Insta-share. Screenshot sharing at its finest.
  • 2011-01-10
  • .Net Framework
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • AJAX
  • MySQL
  • Choopd is a screen capturing tool for Windows built upon the .NET Framework. It allows users to select a region of the screen by dragging, and the selected region is uploaded to choopd servers instantly. Once the upload is complete, a link to the online image is copied the the user's clipboard so they can share it.

    Choopd - David Medzinskii from David Medzinskii on Vimeo.

    The entire process is incredibly quick and efficient as the application can be activated by the use of a self-devised key combination. The user can also set other key combinations to instantly capture the whole screen, and another combination to capture just the active window. Also included is an image editor which allows the user to edit the image with annotations before starting the uploading process.

    Live Mode One of the most interesting features of Choopd is live mode. Enabling this feature allows the user to share their screen by simpling distributing a link. The link can be viewed in any browser and the person viewing the link will see a live feed of the user's screen. This is advantageous as it doesn't require any extra technology such as Flash or Java, it only needs a browser with javascript turned on. Image quality is also optimized for speed.

    Choopd running on a Windows machine
    Image editor for pre-upload editing
    Live mode